Soggy Bottoms Hunting Club

P.O. Box 1164

Perryville, AR 72126

Future Logging Plans

The attached maps show 2012 and 1st quarter of 2013 logging plans…green is clear cuts, gray is thinning, red shapes are camp site locations.  There will be some thinning occurring on the attached maps that was scheduled for last year but got pushed over into this year and those thinnings are NOT shown on these images…if you happen to have last year’s map they will show them
Club Name           Lease Number
Perry Mtn. 2269
Bud Leach 990
NT 1424
Rods & Reels 2372
Terrapin Creek 1956
ASA 1032
4GHC 1811
Dog Henry 1796
The Ridge 1028
Bill Clay 1114
L&F 462
WPB 1990
Soggy Bottoms 1925
Mossy Bucks 2176
Furr & Friends 1924
Main Mountain 1913
Fellowship 2463
C&S 2017
R&R 1075
Razorback Ridge 1018
Barry 43
Ola Mountain West
Ola Mountain Central
Ola Mountain East